The Buttered Tin remakes breakfast classics

The new Lowertown eatery makes the most important meal of the day the tastiest one

Lueck says the Buttered Tin will continue to focus on bakery, breakfast, and lunch for now. "I have no plans to add dinner service any time in the near future. Our philosophy is to do one thing really well, so that's what we're working on." Lueck says being open only until 3 p.m. gives the staff time to recharge and allows the restaurant to be available for special events. "I'd love to let Jason just run wild with a special farmers' market dinner or something," Lueck says. "That's a definite possibility."

Hinze is also doing full cakes and cupcakes by special order and will be working on making a consistent schedule for the bakery, so customers know what to expect in stock on any given day. As it stands, Lueck says they already have regulars who stop by more than once a day. "We are so pleased with the support from our neighbors," Lueck says. "I love that we already know names and have regulars. I really wanted to have a 'Norm!' situation in our restaurant."

The beef short rib Rueben
The beef short rib Rueben


The Buttered Tin
237 Seventh St. E., St. Paul;
Menu items $4-$13

What Colossal Cafe did for St. Anthony Park, I believe the Buttered Tin will do for Lowertown. It falls easily into that category of "true treasures." All you have to do is remind yourself to remind yourself that it's there.

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