Truce Juice serves up hard-core product

The new juice bar boasts all-organic, all-local drinks made without bladesBy Emily Weiss

For the even more deeply devoted, Truce offers specially designed one-, three-, and five-day juice cleanses (Pohlad is also a certified health coach) in two different levels: one for beginners and one for juicing veterans. You can also start with one of the bottled juices and get a made-to-order smoothie (those are blended with blades, but it's a great way to get some added protein) with avocado; peanut or walnut butter; and chia or flax seeds.

After a daunting but exhilarating three months in business, Molitor and Pohlad say they're constantly looking to the future of their operation, especially as juicing becomes more and more mainstream. "We are definitely planning to expand, we're just figuring out what that might mean for us, whether it's adding another store or doing offsite production," Pohlad says. "We want to make more juice," Molitor adds. "That's our number-one goal."

Juicer Nicole makes it happen
E. Katie Holm for city pages
Juicer Nicole makes it happen


Truce Juice
1428 W. 32nd St., Minneapolis
juices $9; smoothies $9.50 - $12

That's good news, because it appears we already have a healthy thirst for these healthy drinks.

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