Fringe Festival 2013: Critic's Picks

Minnesota Fringe Festival celebrates 20 years in 2013

All of this feeds back to the theater community. "The lottery-driven, non-juried guts of the thing is what keeps theater in this town vibrant and alive," Everett says. "Work like this gets done throughout the year, but more of it gets done now because the Fringe has primed an audience to desire it and has taught artists how to get out there and do it."

When Olson first came back to the Fringe in 2007 after years in public relations, things were quite a bit different. "I remember looking at the guidebook and seeing that there was no more than 30 minutes between shows. They were cycling a lot more through," she says. This year, Olson will be back as a performer in the show On the Line. It's written by her daughter Abilene — the one she was pregnant with back in 1996, when she was taking meetings with future mayors and scrounging to get the community on board with the new festival.

Stardust by Kimberly Rolfs
Stardust by Kimberly Rolfs
Robin Gillette
Robin Gillette



176 different productions at 16 locations throughout Minneapolis

Each performance is no longer than 60 minutes

No late seating for any performance

Tickets: $12 for a single performance;
$5 for children under 12
Passes in various amounts: 4-show card, $44 for adults, $24 for students, and $20 for children under 12; 10-show card, $100.

A get-into-any-show ultra pass, $225

A $4 festival button is required to attend (no button required for children under 12).

Advance sales are available on the Fringe festival website. Walk-up sales begin 30 minutes before each performance.

In the end, the central purpose of the festival hasn't changed.

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No warnings for e-cig use in a performance?


Wait, we have to pay $4 for a festival button too?? We had to do that shit for that rip-off food truck fest.

Take it from a Fringe vet: this scene gets worse every year.


I'm a first-time Fringe writer/director/producer in 2013, and "One Night On Hole 6" at the Minneapolis Theater Garage is the date-night show for people who like their romantic-comedies heavy on the comedy with enough puppetry and pop-culture references to keep everyone happy.

Matthew Saxe
Matthew Saxe

I'm in two Minnesota Fringe shows this year Theatre 101 at the Minnesota Fringe Festival and I'm producing, directing and performing in Grimm for Kids! Happy Fringing everyone! Thanks for the publicity and support City Pages Minneapolis!