Local eateries that will pack your picnic

Dine al fresco with the help of these Twin Cities restaurants, just remember to bring your own basketBy Emily Weiss

4307 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis;612.926.0222, clanceysmeats.com

Good Earth Edina

Give them about 20 minutes, and Good Earth in the Galleria can put together individual bag lunches for however many people you have in your picnic group. Get your choice of almond tuna salad, smoked or roasted turkey breast, cashew chicken salad, or vegetarian sandwich; whole fruit like an orange or apple; chips; and one of their signature baked goods such as carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Then head to Centennial Lakes Park, just about a mile west of the Galleria, rent a paddleboat (only $8 per half-hour), and spend an afternoon lazily floating your way through the beautifully manicured park. When you've seen enough to stake out a good spot, perhaps by the Oval Gardens at the north end, take a break and dig into your hearty, healthy lunch. That way you'll have extra energy should you decide to fit in some croquet at the lawn games area afterward.

3460 W. 70th St., Edina;952.925.1001, goodearthmn.com


The roast beef sandwich with “everything” at Clancey’s
Alma Guzman
The roast beef sandwich with “everything” at Clancey’s

Get some Russian rye and a chocolate babka from the bakery, a bottle of curry ketchup and a jar of cherry preserves from the grocery area, some slices of Krakowska (just like the kielbasa sausage but in lunchmeat form) from the deli, and an order of pyrohy (a.k.a. pierogi) with horseradish sour cream from the restaurant side, and you'll have the sort of DIY pick-and-pack meal that would make your Polish grandmother proud. Walk your bags, boxes, and waxed paper bundles down to St. Anthony Main, just a few blocks from Kramarczuk's. There are a few tables and a covered area farther down by the Father Hennepin Bluffs, but it's just as easy to rip off a hunk of rye or slice up sausage under the shade of a tree along the riverbank near St. Anthony Falls. The important thing is that you're eating.

215 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis;612.379.3018, kramarczuks.comThe roast beef sandwich with "everything" at Clancey'sAlma Guzman

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