Pastry paradise at Cosetta's and Black Walnut Bakery

Two Twin Cities bakeries craft pastries so good they deserve to last forever

There's savory stuff too, like the ham and cheese croissant that would make a great on-the-go lunch for the corporate crowd; glistening, golden Italian focaccia with olives and rosemary that was as chewy and pleasantly greasy as the slabs you get on the street in Genoa; and a fantastic take on a pig in a blanket that swaps in a spicy stick of chorizo for the hot dog and features meat-perfumed homemade, almost pretzel-y bread. Rich enough to share, but so good you won't want to.

A sweet day at Cossetta's
Alma Guzman
A sweet day at Cossetta's


Cossetta's Pasticceria
211 W. Seventh St., St. Paul
Bakery items $1-$5

Black Walnut Bakery at the Minneapolis Farmers Market 10th Street & Nicollet Mall, items $3-$5

These two bakeries are on opposite sides of the spectrum in temporality. One is part of a long-standing, stalwart St. Paul restaurant. The other runs on a "when they're gone, they're gone" model of supply and demand. And while it gives me comfort to know that I can count on Cossetta's pasticceria being around by the time I leave this earth, I hope that Black Walnut pastries are served for breakfast wherever it is that I end up. In the meantime, I'll be setting my alarm early for Thursday mornings.

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