Reviewing the Real

The Walker's done it. The MIA's done it. Now, it's the Weisman's turn. Investigating "the real," that is, via artists' ever-shifting perceptions of what constitutes the actual, the fake, and the simulacra. Gleaned from the Weisman Art Museum's collection by guest curator Christina Chang, the works in this show are displayed in six categories: documentary (is objectivity possible?), pictures of pictures (hyperrealism!), the thing itself (art and its representation, for instance), traces (were you "really" there?), uncut (what is the real?), and utopia/dystopia (like The Matrix, but not). Spanning generations of artistic inquiry (Marcel Duchamp, Vita Acconci, Jose Clemente Orozco), the exhibition also encompasses diverse media. With photography, inflatable objects, sculpture, ceramics, prints, and paintings, "Reviewing the Real" extends the ongoing discourse in an increasingly virtual world. (Audrey Flack, Banana Spit Sundae)
June 8-Sept. 8, 2013

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