Pig Ate My Pizza: Wallowing in pork's splendor

At the old Travail location, pork isn't the other white meat -- it's the only meat

Lest you hunger for even a moment between courses, the kitchen sends over bacon caramel corn for you to munch on before dessert arrives, and the performance art that is your meal at PAMP draws to a show-stopping close. The options are few and sound simple — just banana cream pie or strawberry shortcake (on our visits) — but with all the finishing touches applied tableside, they're far from ordinary. The shortcake gets drowned in creme anglaise from a squeeze bottle held at above-head height and then frozen right in front of you with liquid nitrogen, in case you didn't already have the urge to Instragram it. The flan-like banana cream pie resembles the kind Mom made only in the loosest sense and gets drizzled with incredible dulce de leche (which our server referred to as "the awesome sauce").

Sour cream and onion pizza
Sour cream and onion pizza


Pig Ate My Pizza
4154 Broadway Ave., Robbinsdale
763.535.1131; On Facebook
Appetizers $3-$10; Pizzas $9-$18

And so a few parting words of advice about PAMP. Be prepared to wait for a table, but know you'll have plenty to entertain you while you do (including fairly well-priced wines by the glass and local beers). You may be tempted to load up on charcuterie in the beginning (the platters included everything from bologna to belly to pate to pork rinds), but since you can get most of that on the pizzas, save room for dessert instead. And finally, save your pizza bones, because every so often a voice will rise above the din asking anyone who wants some free marinara to just raise their hand. Fear not, they won't spoon the sauce right in your little hoof ... unless you ask.

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