The Twin Cities' new fleet of food trucks

The lowdown on a dozen brand-new trucks hitting the streets this summer

Perhaps the most hyped of the new trucks, the Moral Omnivore keeps its focus on sustainably sourced ingredients and making beets taste as good as bacon. The eclectic menu includes stroopwafel — a Dutch treat that sandwiches a thick layer of caramel between two thin, crisp waffle rounds; a vegetarian curried spinach-lentil taco on a house-made waffle shell; an awesome BLT with fried tomatoes (and no mayo — but somehow it's still so good); mushroom fries; and wild rice burgers topped with pickled radishes and lingonberry-wine sauce. Everything is organic and delicious, but you'll really feel good knowing that once a week 5 percent of the proceeds of your lunch goes to a local charity. Look for the mean truck parked on Marquette between Eighth and Ninth, at 10th and Nicollet Mall, and at the Excelsior farmers' market. Track them on the move @Moral_Omnivore.

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Starlight Diner

No more grease and dirty grill tops: Starlight is doing diner food for a modern audience. Think hamburger hot dish but with morel mushrooms and chive blossom garnish. On the more classic side there's hearty pulled pork and Italian beef sandwiches, thick-cut onion rings, and beer-battered asparagus. Trying to keep it light? Starlight is smart to offer fruity fare such as watermelon gazpacho and simple slices of mango sprinkled with chili salt. The navy and gold truck can be found at Eighth and Marquette, 612 Brew, and @starlighteats.

Brava on Wheels

Wild Rice Sliders from Moral Omnivore
E. Katie Holm
Wild Rice Sliders from Moral Omnivore

The sister truck of the She Royal Deli, Brava on Wheels is doing a succinct menu of Thai curried chicken, beef, or vegetables available either as a burrito (we see this fusion burrito thing is really taking off, probably thanks in no small part to World Street Kitchen) or a rice bowl. Be sure to indicate extra-extra spicy if that's how you like it, since Brava tends to lean toward a milder dish. There's cleansing, ruby-toned hibiscus tea to drink, which will be extra-refreshing as we move into the dog days of summer. Look for the bronze and black truck at Marquette between Seventh and Eighth and @EatBrava.


Say it slowly. Ka. Bom. Lette. Kabomelette. Now what do you think they serve? Something that explodes? New competition for the cronut? No, it's kabobs and omelettes, because you can never have one without the other. The idea is that you come out early or late and get a breakfast of broccoli and chorizo omelette or a lunch of Jamaican jerk chicken kabob. There's also a walking salad — the caprese kabob with homemade pesto — and a dessert kabob of skewered chocolate-covered strawberries. Combine the two concepts and get the Kabom hash — onions, peppers, and squash, with potatoes, bacon, and cheese, all crowned with a fried egg. So far the truck has popped up on 10th and Washington Avenue South, 10th between Nicollet and LaSalle, and at the Midtown Farmers Market. Find out where they are today @kabomelette.

Hibachi Daruma

Think of this as a Benihana on wheels, without the fear of flying knives winging past your face. Hibachi Daruma serves pan-Asian fried rice and noodle dishes as well as stuff hot off the hibachi grill. Expect glazed chicken teriyaki, grilled beef with vegetables, and almost everything with a side of the creamy daruma shrimp sauce that's fast gaining its own following. The pink and purple truck is usually seen trolling around Rice Park, Mears Park, and outside Mississippi Market on Dale, but you can always find its exact location @HibachiDaruma.

Motley Crews Heavy Metal Grill

This flame-decorated, head-banging truck is one of the only mobile eateries you can find and identify by sound alone. The enthusiastic team at Motley's is usually blaring hard rock while grilling up their brat burgers (take a brat out of the casing, patty it up, and put it on a burger bun); assembling philly cheesesteak and chicken philly sandwiches; ladling traditional and white chili; making Hawaiian sandwiches with grilled ham and pineapple; and bagging up the endlessly edible sweet-n-heat pretzels that go great with beer. If they aren't parked outside a brewery, the cherry limeade is pretty good too. Follow the sound of hair metal to Indeed Brewing, Seventh and Marquette, Mears Park, and @MotleyCrews.

Check out our awesome photo tour of these Twin Cities food trucks...

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