The Daily Diner feeds body and soul

The Union Gospel Mission diner gives back to the Frogtown community one delightful meal at a time

The food may be more blue-plate special than haute cuisine, but Gisi knows the diner's interests lie in the good work they're doing and not just the food they're making. "I do feel Daily Diner is on the cutting edge of an exciting time for this area," Gisi says. "It's our mission to change people's lives by inspiring hope and giving real-world experience so they become self-reliant. It's a perfect fit, because I think that's what is happening to this whole area. When people leave the program and go out to live and work in this community, that's where we hope to see even more change."

In short, Daily Diner is serving comfort food with layered meaning and dual purpose. Mashed potatoes that are satisfying to your stomach and your soul. Meatloaf that brings you back to your childhood and helps you give back to your community. Chili that ... well, you get the picture. Now just try to get up early so you can get there for pancakes.

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The turkey clubhouse sandwich will nourish your soul.
EU Photography
The turkey clubhouse sandwich will nourish your soul.
General Manager David Lindahl
General Manager David Lindahl

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