Scrumptious twists on sandwiches in the Twin Cities

Startling and sublime, these are some of our favorite concept sandwiches around town

MFC Biscuit Sandwich at World Street Kitchen, 2743 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.424.8855;

Forget the Double Down. Forget the sad, limp, chemical-infused tortilla snack wraps. Forget terrifying boneless "wings." Forget biscuits from a pressurized can. Forget what you think you know about fried chicken, and give yourself over to Sameh Wadi's version of Kentucky fried, which is actually North African fried. World Street Kitchen's Moroccan Fried Chicken (or MFC for short) starts with a buttery, crumbly-textured biscuit decorated with sharp white cheddar cheese, spreads it with a creamy blend of feta and chiles, layers in a juicy hunk of crisply fried chicken seasoned with ras el hanout, and piles on some carrot slaw dressed with slightly bitter preserved lemon. Each bite has endlessly interesting textures and the familiarity of American Southern cuisine, with the welcome heat and fragrance of North African spices.

Rabbit Meatballs at Parka, 4021 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, 612.886.1585;

The MFC Biscuit Sandwich is made with Moroccan fried chicken
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The MFC Biscuit Sandwich is made with Moroccan fried chicken

If you're new to rabbit or wary about eating game in general, Parka's meatballs are a super-approachable way to give this undersung protein a try. Though it's a little hard to glean from the description on their menu, Parka's fabulous sweet-and-savory rabbit meatballs actually come on glossy, toasted Rustica rolls and are served as a pair of mini hoagies. The wild and rich flavor of the meat works well in the comforting form of a pan-fried meatball, calmed by the spread of apricot mostarda — a traditional Italian condiment that blends candied fruit and mustard syrup — that's spread thickly on the bun. The whisper-thin, earthy beet chips with vinegar powder that come on the side are almost as good as the sandwiches themselves. Almost.

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