Hello Pizza is a slice of heaven

The new Edina pizzeria boasts excellent toppings, flavorful sauce, and an A+ crust

It's also miraculously and markedly ungreasy, save for the tiny pools contained in the crispy rounds of mini pepperoni, or, as one of my dining companions referred to it, "sleepover pepperoni." I loved the mild flavors of the Hello Rita, a basic margherita with garlic and oregano (which, along with the classic cheese, also comes as a whole pie and can be customized with over a dozen add-on ingredients); the Veggie Supremo, with its melange of greens, French feta, and ricotta cheese; and the Hello Trinity, which features crimini mushrooms, pepperoni, and fennel sausage, delivering all the straightforward Italian flavors you'd expect in a meaty pizza without being too heavy.

If you really just can't handle the "New York-style" moniker, then skip the pizza entirely and get some meatballs. There's the Old Skool Balls — a classic Italian meatball grinder with thick, sweet, cooked-all-day marinara sauce on a crusty roll that's not overly bready. And there's the Korean Cowboy. Just like at Lola, Kim finds ways to pay homage to her Korean heritage, even in a food environment not usually conducive to Asian flavors. This generous sandwich tucks sweet and spicy pork meatballs, pickled onions, shredded carrots, daikon radish, cilantro, fragrant Thai basil, and a finishing smear of garlicky mayo into a big chewy bun. The flavors and sheer substance of this thing will stick with you all day. Salads are sized to share and come in a small, serve-yourself mixing bowl. The respectable Caesar comes with cherry tomatoes and just a little too much of a nicely balanced, creamy dressing. The spritely and savory Tricolore salad has arugula, shaved fennel, and parmigiano-reggiano. And the mind-boggling Smoky Greens salad, which you would swear contains some sort of magical pork product, is in fact vegetarian. Its deep, layered flavor comes from the applewood-smoked onions, toasted and seasoned pumpkin seeds, and salty Moody Blue cheese. It's phenomenal.

Families flock here around the earlier dinner hours, and because of that the dining room can be a little chaotic, but the staff does a good job of keeping tables cleared and encouraging turnover without making customers feel like they need to eat and run. If you live in the area (or if you're just making a special trip for the Smoky Greens salad and Korean Cowboy sub, which I know I will be doing sooner rather than later), you can call ahead for to-go orders and have a beer (currently all local brews) or a glass of wine (nothing terribly fancy, but all fairly priced at $6.50) at the single-seater bar in the entryway while you're waiting for them to box up your pie.

Location Info


Hello Pizza

3904 Sunnyside Road
Minneapolis, MN 55424

Category: Restaurant > Pizza

Region: Edina


Hello Pizza
3904 Sunnyside Rd., Edina
952.303.4514; hellopizza.com
menu items $3.25-$9; whole pizzas $16 and up

Even without its Columbia credentials, if this pizza came in for a job interview I would offer it a warm handshake, welcome it to the team, and give it its own office with a view. Hello Pizza, it's so nice to meet you.

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