Marc Bamuthi Joseph/The Living Word Project: Word Becomes Flesh

Several years ago, the multifaceted California artist Marc Bamuthi Joseph was in residency at the Walker Art Center, asking the question: "What sustains life in your community?" Through several performances, Bamuthi Joseph and his collaborators investigated the quandry using spoken word, movement, and music. His new piece, "Word Becomes Flesh," takes a slightly different tack. It's based on a series of letters from a young single father to his unborn son. Imbued with playfulness and fueled with rage, the work digs deep into race, gender, and black male identity in 21st-century America. As Bamuthi Joseph once said: "When art is successful, it provokes further questions. And when you provoke questions, you're more likely to provoke answers and action." There will be a post-show discussion opening night. (Photo by Jati Lindsay/Hip-Hop Theater Festival)
April 18-20, 8 p.m., 2013

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