Burch delivers the cure for your hunger

Isaac Becker's new restaurant in the old Burch Pharmacy location boasts amazing steaks, dumplings, and pizza

And then there are the dumplings. "The whole dumpling thing actually started out as its own concept," says Becker. "I went to the Czech Republic, which is supposedly the dumpling capital of the world, and I ended up finding out more about what I didn't like in a dumpling than what I did like." What resulted was a small menu of different styles of European dumpling — pierogi, kinkhali (a meat-filled Russian dumpling), and Schupfnudel (which is like Germany's version of gnocchi), all with Becker's own finishes: sweet raisins and poppy seeds, chile threads, rich bone marrow, and the sheen of brown butter.

At Burch, in the upstairs alone, a lot is going on, but somehow it all works. You can get the full menu at the bar or eat at a communal table with friends or strangers, and it's a great place for a mixed group where you have to impress everyone. Then downstairs is Burch Pizza Bar, which is a whole other ball of buffalo mozzarella. "Everything that's cooked in the pizza bar — all the appetizers, some of the components of the salads, obviously all the pizza — it's all coming out of that wood-fired oven," says Becker, who describes the Burch pizza style as "mostly Napoli," with chewy crust, spare cheese, and some seriously fancy toppings, including lobster and braised octopus. The bold coppa cotta with smoked pork shoulder, roasted red peppers, and hazelnuts resonated big-time with our table, as did the beautifully tangly funghi with creamed leeks, generous handfuls of meaty mushrooms, and truffled boschetto cheese.

Both upstairs and down, the dessert selection seemed to have a bit of an English theme: suet cake (made with real grated suet — the hard, raw beef fat); creme brulee infused with Earl Grey tea; fudgy chocolate tablet with glossy pears; and fruit jelly. Becker says he's happy to offer "something different — things no one else is really doing" for the final course, but that when it comes to dessert he just likes a great piece of cake, so Burch has that too. The chocolate hazelnut cake is fantastic, and their baba rhum is my new favorite in town.

Location Info


Burch Steak and Pizza Bar

1933 Colfax Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Category: Restaurant > Pizza

Region: Minneapolis (Downtown)


Burch Steak and Pizza Bar
1933 Colfax Ave. S., Minneapolis
612.843.1515; burchrestaurant.com
starters $6-$15; entrees $13-$30

Burch fosters a fun, boisterous atmosphere, with lots of options and more European flair than you'd expect from a steak house. When you're waiting for your food to arrive, dig into an excellent house-made pretzel roll and take a look around. Everywhere people are silently chewing, having that love-at-first-bite moment, and slowly closing their eyes in what can only be described as beef bliss.

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