Glam Doll Donuts' tasty spin on the sweet treat

The duo behind the new Eat Street doughnut place have created a delicious, retro-concept shop

It's smart to stay focused and build your brand around one item. It helps to give you a clear identity, which Glam Doll has in spades, from the name to the shocking-pink pastry boxes to the winged eyeliner and blunt bangs of the employees. But pigeonholing can also be dangerous, especially if the single dish or single ingredient you built your house around is something trendy. So I had to ask the hard question: What do you do if the doughnut trend passes?

"That is definitely something we thought about," says Fox. "It's the reason we did so much research before we started. But I think the main pull we have that will differentiate us is our late hours." Birch's convictions are as sweet and pure as the viscous glaze she makes daily: "I have faith in the staying power of the doughnut," she says. "It's not going anywhere."

And hopefully, neither is this promising, sweet new hangout.


Glam Doll Donuts
2605 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis
Menu items all $5 and under

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