Borough & Parlour makes good company

The delicious brainchild of Travail alums is a two-tiered dining destination in the North Loop

The style of service really enhances the experience at Borough (and Parlour too) and you get the very clear sense that everyone who works there truly and passionately cares about what they're doing. Questions and explanations are handled with consideration and no condescension, which is a surprisingly difficult line to ride, but food like this deserves to be discussed when it arrives to your table. Servers give sort of an artist's statement of each dish, which is helpful and appreciated since the descriptions in the menus are intentionally spare. I felt welcomed, educated, and not at all like I was being "sold" to. Cheers to pulling that off, Borough.

Technique and a even a bit of molecular gastronomy drive the dessert offerings. The "Margarita" is a play of sweet and sour with buttery, nearly solid lime curd atop a crumbled crust of Saltine crackers. The ultra tart gelees of tequila (yep) and lime work splendidly with the sweeter marshmallow cream-like spread on the plate. More unexpected twists come with the chocolate torte. Eat it quickly so you can get the full experience of whipped textured frozen espresso and sophisticated pearls of cherry and goat cheese ice cream. It's like Dippin Dots for grown-ups. Fantastic.

So with the addition of Borough and Parlor, the North Loop continues to cement its reputation as Minneapolis's premiere neighborhood for great restaurants and killer cocktails. Now if only we could get something fabulous to go in that old empty Trocaderos space ... stay tuned.

One of Borough’s artful dishes: Fried chicken stuffed with chicken liver, mashed potato puree, and mustard greens with gently fried egg
EU Photography
One of Borough’s artful dishes: Fried chicken stuffed with chicken liver, mashed potato puree, and mustard greens with gently fried egg
EU Photography

Location Info


Borough & Parlour

730 Washington Avenue N.
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Minneapolis (Downtown)


Starters $7-$14; entrees $19-$25

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Apparently they dramatically improved in the two weeks since I have visited, because my sturgeon was an overcooked salt bomb with crumbly gigante beans and an overall fail of a dish - flavors and execution.  And my margarita dessert was disinteresting and average to the point of me forcing myself to try and finish it.  The potato soup was nice, albeit an easy one to get right.  And of course they pour it at the table... I found that an odd tidbit.  It's 2013 midwest, not 1988.  I do commend you for conjuring up something to say about the decor.   I'd  have nothing more than, "the big windows, me like".  I wouldn't mind if they added a little more decore panache to keep the 28 year olds' interest so they don't resort to staring at other diners.   Service was impeccable.  The salt issue needs rectifying.  I understand that it is going to take some work to recalibrate the  saltification of the palates of chefs that can't be over age 30 (based upon salt, & menu design), but this menu isn't assisting them with that.  At all.  Also, enough with forcing fish & pork pairings.   About one out of every twenty even has a chance.