Fluctuating Capacity

The tectonic plates of the imagination collide in Joseph Rizzo's collages, as swaths of pattern and shape crest, crash, and overlap. Joseph Sinness's still-life drawings — lush, glossy, exquisitely detailed flowers, gems, and fabric rendered via colored pencil — merge with swirls of human flesh, sometimes blatant, other times mysterious. Daubs, lines, and squiggles are juxtaposed in Joel Starkey's works on paper, evoking landscapes in winter shot through with stray bands of color. In "Enough," the three not-your-average Joe(l)s revisit traditional techniques, imagery, and even art-viewing expectations through worlds of their own making. Meanwhile, Adam Hamilton's installation, "Fluctuating Capacity," mixes found objects with paintings of absorbing realism in a test of space and time. There will be an opening reception from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, February 9. (Pictured: Artwork from Adam Hamilton)
Feb. 9-March 23, 2013

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