Ward 6 appeals to the senses

East St. Paul neighborhood pub boasts surprising food and solid cocktails

Breakfast is served daily, and Ward 6 does brunch until 2 p.m. on weekends, which includes savory bread pudding, eggs Benedict featuring the reprise of the harissa hollandaise, and a buttery, fruit-topped Dutch baby, which is eggy and airy like a popover but substantial like a skillet pancake. As I mentioned before, the bloody is a must-try if you like horseradish, but if you're inclined to something a little sweeter along with your breakfast meats, try the Ramos gin fizz, a beverage of egg white and sour citrus that drinks a bit like a more effervescent, alcoholic Orange Julius.

As is, Ward 6, with its rich history, unfussy food, unexpected charcuterie, and smartly mixed cocktails, is a most welcome addition to the neighborhood. With a few small tweaks, it could be a very good reason for anyone, area resident or otherwise, to visit this part of town. "The east metro seems to be lacking in places that have a good beer list — and ours runs the gamut, everything from Hamm's to Lucid to 3rd Street — and a varied wine list, and really good cocktails, plus high-quality food," says Foster. "I think this area has been underserved in general." If bricks-and-mortar locations of excellent food trucks and unassuming neighborhood pubs that serve solid food and drink are our local restaurant trends of 2013, then this will indeed be a happy new year.

Owners Eric Foster (left) and Bob Parker (right), behind the bar at Ward 6
E. Katie Holm
Owners Eric Foster (left) and Bob Parker (right), behind the bar at Ward 6

Location Info


Ward 6

858 Payne Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55130

Category: Restaurant > Bar Food

Region: Phalen


Appetizers $3-$13; entrees $8-$15

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Great place indeed! And a welcome addition to the neighborhood. But seriously, please remove any reference to "East St. Paul" from your  byline and article. There is no neighborhood let alone city called East St. Paul. The neighborhood is the Eastside of St. Paul or St. Paul's Eastside. Not sure why this happens. Yes, South St. Paul, West St. Paul and North St. Paul are ALL actual cities adjacent to St. Paul proper BUT the EASTSIDE of St. PAUL is simply a neighborhood of the capital city! *end of rant* thanks!