Top 10 films of 2012

From Tarantino's Django Unchained to Anderson's The Master

4. Attenberg: When I try to imagine which 2012 release I'd show the 16-year-old version of me, it would be Athina Rachel Tsangari's spunkily touching tale of a young woman coming of age in a Greece that's falling apart.

3. Moonrise Kingdom: The most beautiful film of the year.

2. Holy Motors: The most film of the year.

#5. The Loneliest Planet
#5. The Loneliest Planet
#4. Attenberg
#4. Attenberg

1. The Master: In a year teeming with auteurist takes on historical moments, it was Paul Thomas Anderson who created the most convincing, compelling, and piercingly cinematic map of what it felt like to be alive at an incredibly specific point in time. An unshakable nightmare counterpoint to the postwar American Dream. 

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"Brave" was/is beautiful, no matter if you're a fan of animation or not. Pixar is just head and shoulders above all other animation studios not only for their peerless animation but their stories have real heart, raising them above the others consistently... and many times above most of their competition, animated or not.

I was disappointed with "Moonrise Kingdom," though I still enjoyed it. Even a 'bad' Wes Anderson film still paints a picture which no one else can do.

"The Avengers" was really good. A comic book nerd friend of mine says it's "this generation's 'Star Wars'". I can see that. I can't recall if I've ever read a single comic book all the way through, but if a comic book-based movie can stand alone I really like them. This movie does that very well. And nothing wrong with some well-done mindless fun. 

Ryan Strandjord
Ryan Strandjord SESSIONS or SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK? Naturally these lists are subjective, but it's hard to imagine a top ten list not including those two films.


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