Star Wars Holiday Special

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Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater

810 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Category: Movie Theaters

Region: Uptown/ Eat Street

The Star Wars Holiday Special is an infamous train wreck that continues to thrive despite efforts to make it go away. The program aired once in 1978, then promptly disappeared for years, living on only in geek lore. It's reviled by George Lucas, and many of the actors who participated in it claim to have no memory of it at all. However, hardcore fans have a tenacity when it comes to finding oddities that should be forgotten, and so the special has experienced an influx of new audiences over the past few years. You can see what you've been missing this Thursday, as the Bryant-Lake Bowl will host its seasonal screening of the awesomely awful show as a benefit for Toys for Tots. If you go, be sure to bring a few snarky friends and down a few drinks from the bar beforehand. You'll need it as you're treated to some truly surreal moments, such as an animated segment featuring the debut of Boba Fett, comedy from Art Carney, and songs from Jefferson Starship, Bea Arthur, and Carrie Fisher. Do it for the kids.
Thu., Dec. 6, 7 & 10 p.m., 2012
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