Figlio returns with old favorites

The former Uptown institution gets a St. Louis Park makeover

The other big draws that Figlio continues to keep a good grip on are its drink menu and happy hour specials. It still does the infused, house-made limoncellos it became well known for, and it offers an impressive array of aperitifs and liqueurs for a bar of this kind. Though the peppery bloody Marys were pushed hard at brunch, mine lacked any real complexity — it was more salty than spicy. I did appreciate the nonalcoholic refreshment options, including a sour and refreshing blood orange spritzer called Under the Tuscan Sun (or its boozy cousin, Love in the Afternoon) and an endlessly sippable salty caramel lemonade, which will be a hit with anyone who likes saltwater taffy. If you enjoy taffy and vodka (who doesn't?), order the salty caramel lemon drop, especially if you happen to be there during happy hour, when the cocktail is just $5.

Chef JP Samuelson reincarnates Figlio with dishes like bruschetta with gravlax
Benjamin Carter Grimes
Chef JP Samuelson reincarnates Figlio with dishes like bruschetta with gravlax
Benjamin Carter Grimes

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5331 W. 16th St.
St Louis Park, MN 55416

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: St. Louis Park


Appetizers $9-$15; entrees $11- $27

Figlio has a storied past, and the diners who frequented it will likely continue to love it. Could Figlio benefit from pushing the envelope a little more when it comes to the food? Perhaps. But its team is smart enough to adhere to the "if it ain't broke" school of management, and businesswise, it's totally working. The restaurant was bustling at nearly every visit — packed at early lunch, lines at the host stand, table pagers required by 6 on a Tuesday night. So really, who cares? If music and fashion have taught us anything, it's what goes around comes around. And you know what never goes out of fashion? Happy hour, and Figlio still absolutely does a rad job in that category.

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Why is citypages always marketing this place - it's garbage... The MN food scene really needs more competition.  Far too many small fish investors owning too much of the market.


why is she acting like St. Louis Park is so far away in the suburbs.. Its maybe 5 miles away? regardless i miss the old figlio, and the new one is nothing in comparison. 


this place sucks.... was not impressed at all.  curious as to why the original owners closed it down to begin with.  Even more curious as to why the guys bought the name.... It seems that they are just the same cookie cuter places to eat, crave, union.... it's all the same produce and very little variety.

k2yeb topcommenter

Not as good a HH as it used to be though...that I will say. Maybe the amount of traffic made up for the lower costs...which I understand...just miss it.