Minnesota Marriage Minute grand finale

Kalley Yanta's web series gets the Hollywood treatment

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As someone who has met, talked to and even been to the home of Mrs. Yanta- I find that it should be known her hypocritical nature. She's quite fine putting her face and voice to ads that are misleading and controversial in their loose usage of facts- but why hasn't she been up front about the fact that she has been married twice? Granted, she had to have her first marriage annulled so she could be married in a Catholic Church the second time around...but 2 marriages is 2 marriages, Mrs. Yanta. Why do you think it's okay for you to mock marriage (because 2 marriages, is that "preserving the sanctity"? Is it "keeping marriage safe"? I'd say divorce is going to hurt the "institution" of marriage way more than same sex marriage) but we should violate the rights of others? 

Regardless of what happens with the outcome of this vote, I feel it should be known that this mouthpiece is hypocritical in her real life- let's come down off our high horse, Mrs. Yanta.