Cafe Maude adapts with sophistication

New Loring Park spot embraces cocktails and dinner dishes

Service was helpful but not very chatty. Most of the schmoozing seemed to be going on with customers at the bar, whereas certain late or in-between meal hours meant that only one server was handling an enormous section. It didn't cause a problem for us, but with the price of a dinner for two ticking up to the triple digits very easily, special-occasion diners may be looking for a bit more introduction, explanation, and suggestions.

Fried quail with pancetta and corn is just one of Maude's many high notes
Alma Guzman for City Pages
Fried quail with pancetta and corn is just one of Maude's many high notes

Location Info


Cafe Maude at Loring

1612 Harmon Place
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Minneapolis (Downtown)


Appetizers $8-$13; entrees $10-$29

Maude Armatage's pledge to live a life of "civilized leisure" is also the guiding principle at the new Cafe Maude. With refined and well-balanced cocktails, the right combination of small plates, and a window seat (or a chair outdoors, for the hardcore among us), you can eat, drink, and live by Maude's motto, all while enjoying lovely views of Loring Park, part of her lasting legacy. How fitting is that? 

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I'm a Loring Park resident and this place was just "meh". The crowd from the original Armitage location (think Linden Hills) is here in droves. I'm pushing 31and I was the young crowd the night I went: fun 20somethings are very absent there and that includes whenever I ride by, which is quite often. There were a few "yupsters" including some of the staff, but that was as diverse as I had seen it. Yes, it's nice that an empty spot was filled in, but a bar or bar-restaurant catering to LP residents, hello we live here, instead of the see-and-be-seen suburban fringe crowd would be truly refreshing. At least spots like Joe's Garage and Loring Kitchen & Bar attract a more diverse crowd. Just for the record: I do like Grumpy's better between the two, but it's at either the far north end of NE or the other end of Downtown and in that case it might come with a $15 cover on weekends.


A cool bar that offers good cocktails for under $10 and good beer selection geared towards a more eclectic crowd, i.e. way less stuffy than Cafe Maude, can and has been done elsewhere. Loring Park could easily support this untapped niche. I could go to the 19 or Ryan's Pub, but at the former I don't want to get hit on all the time at the only place that has cheap beer outside of happy hour and at the latter, well, it's just a sports pub and I'm not into sports. Cafe Maude just contributes more to the same problem found in the bar scene here: too far on one end of the spectrum or the other, but likely expensive all the same.




If your idea of a fun evening is hanging out with Kenwood Bluehairs then this is your place.



Or hanging out with fun twentysomethings who like having a well-made drink and don't mind paying a bit more for it?


Go back to Grumpy's or wherefuckingever.



The drinks were fine, curioso.


The plates - as hinted by  Emily W. - were mediocre in quality and way too pricey.


I saw ZERO young people when I was there - and it was fairly crowded.