Copper Pot's adventurous eats

Masterfully serving traditional and unconventional Indian food in Minneapolis

If you're not willing to shell out for a three-course dinner, then skip dessert. Everything was homemade and sounded intriguing, like the mango cheesecake and the avocado-pecan ice cream, but failed to deliver. "I really want to like this," my dining companion declared about her fresh orange ice cream. "But it just tastes like freezer burn." If you must have something sweet, stick to the traditional kheer or fried milk balls in syrup.

E. Katie Holm

Even if it's just for the lunch buffet or a couple of shared entrees, Copper Pot is worth trying, especially if you like the flavors of south Indian food. And if you try something you've never had before, just see what song plays in your heart.

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