Collects, Shoots and Leaves

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The Kolman & Pryor Gallery

1500 Jackson St. NE, Northrup King Building
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Category: Art Galleries

Region: Northeast Minneapolis

Memento mori meets the Oxford comma in "Collects, Shoots and Leaves," an exhibition investigating mortality and the cycle of life in compelling graphic detail. Six artists have created tableaux, objects, and sculptures out of the detritus of life — natural and otherwise — which by turns captivate, enlighten, and repulse. "In my surreal creations," artist Kate Casanova has written, "fungi grow out of furniture,crustaceans crawl on heads, and landmasses float. Through objects and materials, I strive to create poetic encounters with the natural world that reveal truths about how we perceive nature." Also included in the show are works by Josephine A. Geiger, Jodi Reeb-Myers, Kelly Jean Ohl, Patrick Kemal Pryor, and Karl Unnasch. Pryor, who also curated the show, has said he was inspired by "how dead things can be reborn and remade, but also by our ambiguous relationship with nature, and how it, too, can change and become remade." There will be a gallery party from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday, September 15. (Jodi Reeb-Myers, Growing Freely)
Aug. 25-Oct. 20, 2012
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