MN State Fair food adventures by the dozen

From poutine and bacon ice cream to sweety balls on a stick

Escape the Old West and visit the more modern confines of Minnesota Wine Country. The spacious and dimly lit room offers wine by the flight and two glass sizes, as well as the new Wine Smoothie ($9). It's made with Winehaven Raspberry, which on its own is way too sweet but is perfect in this application, making for an intensely fruity, alcoholic slushie. Portobello Bites ($9) are just as crave-worthy, if a bit pricey: Four wedges of the mushroom sit atop a bit of melty cheese, roasted garlic sauce, and a slice of crunchy toasted baguette. The Antipasto Plate ($9) doesn't meet the same standard. The promised bison sausage is just two small half-circles, the roasted peppers are mere specks among the olives, and the cheese is lots of boring mild cheddar and provolone, along with a small Brie wedge: not terrible but not terribly interesting.

Is bacon ice cream worth seeking out at this year's Get-Together?
Alma Guzman
Is bacon ice cream worth seeking out at this year's Get-Together?

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Minnesota State Fairgrounds

1265 Snelling Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55108

Category: Attractions and Amusement Parks

Region: Como

Take a breather from the food to drink in some live reggae and more beer. While shopping in the International Bazaar, have your plans to track down new foods further derailed by free samples of cinnamon-roasted pecans and veggie samosas. Arrive at the Blue Moon Diner just in time to place the last order of the day, for Cereal Killer Ice Cream ($5). The Cocoa Puffs version is sold out, which leaves the Honey Nut Cheerios flavor. It's supposed to taste like the milk left in the bottom of the cereal bowl, and it does, except way richer. There's dry cereal on top, more of which would be welcome to cut the heaviness of the ice cream. It's not quite perfect, but it's the perfect last thing to eat at the fair.

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