JJ's offers cafe fare without frills

Wine and coffee bistro keeps it plain and simple

Because JJ's doesn't have a full liquor license, it compensates with several sake-based cocktails. Though I have had these replacement beverages at many a wine bar, I can't think of a place where they were as well mixed or as delicious as at JJ's. The homemade bloody Mary mix and super-sour homemade margarita mix really sealed the deal. The end result was almost better than the tequila-based original. Operating as a coffee bar by day (with biscuit sandwiches and other breakfasty fare), JJ's makes a full complement of espresso drinks, but I found that the coffee was better when stripped down to basic lattes and Americanos rather than the flavored novelty beverages.

E. Katie Holm

Location Info


JJ's Coffee & Wine Bistro

1806 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Category: Coffee Shops

Region: Uptown/ Eat Street


Menu items $4-$12; wine by the glass $7-$12

So, maybe a flowery intro to JJ's wasn't necessary, but as we were left sipping a crisp, fragrant white wine, feeling the heat of another summer day fading into evening, we talked about breakups, reunions, the meatballs, the claret, the economy, the impending fall. We were equally about all things serious and all things silly. And as we got to the bottom of our glasses and the sky over Calhoun turned a dusky, rose-gold color, I got the feeling that maybe a flowery conclusion would be appropriate.

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