Birdhouse is good and good for you

Stewart Woodman's new venture goes healthy but doesn't feel trendy or preachy

E. Katie Holm

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2516 Hennepin Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Category: Restaurant > Comfort Foods

Region: Uptown/ Eat Street


Menu items $7-$22

The space that is now Birdhouse used to be home to the quintessential Uptown date spot the Duplex, and when it closed in mid-December of last year, locals mourned the loss in a manner generally reserved for heads of state. In retrospect, this collective foodie blue period was warranted: The Duplex was a unique space with really solid food, unpretentious service, and inexpensive wine. Mauk and the Woodmans have rejuvenated the space while still preserving many of the architectural and atmospheric charms of the Duplex. It's a bright, airy, intimate bistro that feels somewhere between a very cool boardinghouse and a modern West Coast diner — a perfect place to get acquainted with some new ingredients without feeling trendy or preachy. In short, they're making very good food that you can feel good about eating. Just like its avian muse, Birdhouse seems poised to take flight.

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$2 for maybe 2oz. of cold bread, a watermelon cocktail that tasted mostly of water, another cocktail that tasted like my grandmothers bathroom-too much lavender, farro salad that was beyond awful, tomato soup that wasnt much better, and being stuck in an upstairs room and ignored mean that I probably wont be back.  The short ribs were pretty good though

Emily Weiss
Emily Weiss

Thanks for the note! Under the Details section on the right-hand sidebar of the article, we always list the price range for appetizers and entrees. If the menu blends those dishes or is focused on sharing/small plates, we list a range for all menu items. In the case of Birdhouse that range is about $7-$22.


the bread is two dollars. but there isn't another item described where the author also gives the price of the item. it would be helpful to do so in reviews. thanks. otherwise, very good review and i will check this place out, for sure.