Maruso re-creates street food from around the world

Dishes from pierogies to bahn mi are under $10

Maruso does a couple of different things with entree-style bowls. There's a noodle soup, a steak salad, and more of the Asian dishes that Garrison seems to gravitate toward. Though recommended by our server, the green curry tofu bowl contained rice that was so overcooked and had absorbed so much coconut milk it was roughly the texture of rømmegrøt, which I absolutely love, but which obviously has no place in Asian cuisine. The long planks of tofu in the dish made it hard for even a skilled wielder of chopsticks to maneuver around. But we really loved the Korean bulgogi rice bowl. The thinly shaved steak was soy-salty without being dry, and the kimchi was bright, hot, and sour — a perfect complement to the earthy mushrooms and silky, runny-yolk fried egg.

Maruso chef Andrew Garrison
Alma Guzman
Maruso chef Andrew Garrison
Angry eggs
Alma Guzman
Angry eggs

Location Info


Maruso Street Food and Cocktails

715 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Category: Restaurant > Eclectic

Region: Minneapolis (Downtown)


Appetizers $2-$9; entrees $8-$12

With just about everything shutting down in Block E and many of the other restaurants in the immediate area serving meals at a much higher price tag, Maruso should be a welcome addition for casual bar-hoppers and happy-hour groups. If you go, opt for the Asian dishes on the menu and take advantage of the mostly sunny patio area, a perfect place to knock down a party-starting cocktail before you take down downtown.

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