Duane Clark buried a baby in his backyard

But authorities say no crime was committed

"I wasn't sure if that's what I heard or if it was something that I wanted to hear," Tiffany told investigators. She said she didn't know where Duane took the baby or what he did with it.

When Tiffany got pregnant again two years later, she tried to hide it from her husband. When Duane found out about the fourth pregnancy, he refused to let her get prenatal care and told Tiffany that he had buried the third child in the backyard.

"He just kept saying that I couldn't go to the doctor," Tiffany claimed. "Every time we talked about it, that was when he would bring up the third baby and tell me that he would tell everybody, and that I didn't deserve to have a baby with him."

Duane Clark and his wife,  Tiffany Clark
Hennepin County Sheriff
Duane Clark and his wife, Tiffany Clark
The clandestine grave where Duane Clark buried his third child
Crystal Police Dept.
The clandestine grave where Duane Clark buried his third child

"There's two sides to every story," Crystal Lt. David Oyaas told Duane after pulling him out of his jail cell for a second interview. "The two sides are colliding. They don't match up."

Duane stood behind his version. Despite intense questioning by police, Duane insisted he didn't know about Tiffany's third pregnancy until he walked into their bathroom and found a baby in the toilet. That set him "frantic around the house," Duane claimed.

But cops questioned his reaction. If he was so concerned, why didn't he call 911? "It makes no sense," Lt. Oyaas said.

"There's a lot of things in life that doesn't make sense," Duane responded. "When you look at it in the hindsight, you go, 'Yeah, maybe that would have been the proper form.'"

As investigators pushed for more information, Duane started to shut down.

"I came to you guys 'cause this was eating at me and I tried to bring her here and I talked to her about it prior to this," Duane said.

"Okay," Lt. Oyaas responded. "One of you is lying, though."

The senior detective reminded Duane that he's been doing this a long time and has had suspects call police on themselves to "cover their ass."

But Duane stuck to his story, even when Oyaas let him know Tiffany was throwing him under the bus.

"She can throw us underneath the bus. I always told her she could," Duane said. "I'll take the blame for it because I will never forgive myself for what I did even though it may have been nothing I could have done. I still won't forgive myself."

Duane suggested that Tiffany might have been confused when she remembered him being in the bathroom for the birth.

"The only thing that I can think of is the fact that me actually being physically in the room and someone thought me just being there as in the house or in the property," Duane said. "It could be how she's looking at it as, 'Yeah, he was there, but not physically in the room.'"

Duane said he could only speak to what he believed happened that night.

"And I don't think she's at fault. I think it probably was just a ... a stillbirth," Duane said. "Two young people made the most fucked-up mistake ever instead of just calling someone and just [saying], 'Hey look, a mistake happened, help us out.' Shit went downhill."

Back in the conference room with Tiffany, police wanted to know what kind of mother would allow a man to kill her baby.

Tiffany told detectives how she lived in fear. She said she was tormented by her husband, whose temper flared over everything from money to the children. Tiffany hid the abuse because she didn't think she deserved any better and didn't want to be "that battered wife."

"Sometimes he would just leave and ignore the problems and sometimes when he was mad enough it would get physical," Tiffany said. "There were times when he would throw things at me, punch me if he got mad enough. Several instances where he would get in my face and continue to tell me how horrible of a person I am and how I will never be good enough for him."

Tiffany explained why Duane was angry at her over the third pregnancy, which she found out about during a blood pressure study at the University of Minnesota.

"Because I didn't have a job," Tiffany said. "I can't support myself. I can't support kids."

When Duane took their baby out of the bathroom that August night, Tiffany assumed that he got rid of it but didn't ask questions.

"I didn't want to think about it," Tiffany said.

Detectives pushed her on another point: If Duane didn't want the fourth child, why didn't he force her to miscarry that baby?

"Because I wouldn't let him," Tiffany answered, claiming that Duane did try to force her but she refused.

"Why?" the detective asked.

"Because I didn't want to make the same mistake."

"It's my fault," Duane told the cops.

"Well, it sounds like it's both your fault," Detective Robert Hodge answered.

"I shouldn't have said anything," Duane responded.

Hodge said Duane did the right thing by coming forward but accused him of leaving details out of his account, like when Tiffany found out about her third pregnancy.

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