Tadka and Ipotli: Go Indian for dinner, lunch, and … breakfast?

A Lake Street bistro and skyway grab-and-go will spice up your whole day

We had some good dishes at Tadka, but all the curries, dals, and chaats left me with an unshakable craving for dosas, the Indian version of a crepe, usually made with fermented rice batter, and Tadka didn't have them on the menu. So naturally we would have to take to the ... skyway? Strange but true, there is a great little Indian grab-and-go place above street level at Sixth and Marquette called Ipotli (get it? Like Chipotle, and the logo looks almost identical) Indian Grill. It's mostly doing standard takeaway food for lunch and dinner, such as chicken tikka masala, curry bowls, and vegetable biryani, but I was most intrigued by the fact that it serves something that, as far as I know, no other local Indian restaurant does: breakfast.

If you're really fanatical about Indian flavors and don't dig on sweet pastries and cereals for breakfast, Ipotli offers a superb start to your morning. Naturally probiotic, fairly low-sugar mango lassis and homemade almond milk make interesting and refreshing alternatives to coffee (which Ipotli does serve, but with a Dunn Bros. so close by there's no point in ordering it there). They do doughnuts here, too, but instead of being coated with powdered sugar, Ipotli's are savory and served with a vibrant green, chile-steeped, lentil-based sauce for dipping. You can also get them with a little plain yogurt to help tone down the heat of the sauce. Doughnuts and coffee are all well and good, but the shining stars of the Ipotli breakfast menu are the dosas. There's the lentil oatmeal dosa, the egg dosa (like a fluttery, paper-thin plain omelet wrapped in a rice and lentil crepe), and the outstanding spicy dosa. Why hasn't anyone started a dosa food truck? Send me a link to that Kickstarter project and I promise I will back it, especially if you can replicate these lacy-edged spicy dosas. Two lentil crepes are melded together by a thin layer of fiery tomato-based paste, folded into quarters for easy handling, and served with the same doughnut dipping sauce. Even if you don't take the skyway to work, these are worth going out of your way for.

Tadka has a knack for creating great vegetarian food, like these pakoras
Emily Utne
Tadka has a knack for creating great vegetarian food, like these pakoras

Location Info


Tadka Indian Bistro

1123 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Category: Restaurant > Indian

Region: Uptown/ Eat Street

Ipotli Indian Grill

601 Marquette Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Category: Restaurant > Indian

Region: Minneapolis (Downtown)

Both Tadka and Ipotli have their share of scratches and dents, but there is definitely room for both of them in our restaurant scene: Tadka, for its ability to pump out some excellent vegetarian delights in a friendly, family-owned atmosphere,  and Ipotli for bringing a portable feast of Indian flavors to our often sterile skyway system. No more settling for a muffin in the morning: Dosas are a breakfast revelation.

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