Left Handed Cook is all right

A tasty new addition comes to Midtown Global Market: Asian soul food

The vibe at southpaw chef Thomas Kim's new place is "hipster burlesque"
E. Katie Holm
The vibe at southpaw chef Thomas Kim's new place is "hipster burlesque"

Location Info


The Left Handed Cook

920 E. Lake St.
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Powderhorn


Small plates $4-$8; entrees $8-$14

Walking into MGM can be overwhelming, especially for a first-timer. It's a cavalcade for the senses, with every cheerful color, every glottal stop of every language, and of course every imaginable exotic scent. It's hard to decide where to look first, but based on branding alone, these Left Handed newcomers stand out. The general feel of their storefront, with its big open kitchen for prime food-prep viewing, is hipster burlesque: all tattoos, bowler hats, suspenders, and specimens in jars, as if a traveling circus somehow broke down in L.A. and set up its sideshow for a few nights of fortune-telling and bowls of well-balanced Asian comfort food. There's a concrete pillar near the cash register that they've shellacked with repeated images of their logo and their slogan, "Sharp knives. Hard work. Good food." In the midst of all this is a picture of Ned Flanders wearing a shirt that reads "Lord Love a Lefty" and standing in front of his store that sold products designed for left-handers. Flanders's Leftorium may have captured a market niche, but Melgaard and Kim have come up with an even smarter business model. Their promising new kitchen should appeal to everyone: lefties, righties, and even the ambidexterous.

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