Crossing the Line

Freedom under fire: A Village Voice Media Special Report

The U.S. Supreme Court will rule this month on legislation that forces police to scrutinize Latinos, both immigrants and citizens. President Barack Obama has deported 1.5 million people. And 41 states are attempting to limit the voting rights of young people and minorities.

In "Crossing the Line," Village Voice Media offers a short collection of viewpoints and artwork to honor the passing of the American dream.

In "Arizona Senate Bill 1070 criminalizes Mexicans," Village Voice Media executive editor Michael Lacey writes that a hostile Supreme Court and a feckless Obama administration show that America's war on Mexicans has gone too far.

In "Voter ID is the new Jim Crow," Miami New Times editor-in-chief Chuck Strouse reports on new voting laws in dozens of states that could take out Barack Obama this fall.

¡Ask a Mexican! columnist and OC Weekly editor-in-chief Gustavo Arellano contributes "Racists with tacos," about America's love-hate relationship with Mexicans and their food.

Phoenix New Times staff writer Stephen Lemons reports on the need for civil disobedience in "The revolution won't be deported."

The final part of our Crossing the Line special report is the work of the Xico artists, commissioned by Village Voice Media. The Phoenix-based cultural collective produced a series of covers for Village Voice Media papers -- each unique to its city. Here are those images, along with additional artwork and biographical information on the artists.

Founded in 1975, Xico is a nonprofit organization that promotes Chicano, Latino and Native American heritage through the arts. Its programing includes arts classes and workshops for underserved youth, community exhibitions, artist education, printmaking workshops, the valley's oldest Dia de los Muertos/A Celebration of Life festival and small-venue performances. To find out more, visit

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In America... there is always hype, misinformation and the under-informed. AZ SB1070 is about illegal but much much more... Read the Bill. No one argues that illegal is illegal. But the bill gives power to law enforcement to stop you and I WITHOUT probable cause and WITHOUT due process. Directly from the Bill... a "gesture", "non-verbal communication", "congregating" is an area, can be enough to detain anyone indefinitely regardless of whether you are illegal, legal or the color of your skin. Help us all understand where that is logical and smart? Now, take into consideration who created and pushed this billl... Yes, the intent is to criminalize being brown/Mexican. So I will use your words... I too ask people to be honest, if want to discriminate against people with brown skin just say so...


This article is dumb. To say AZ 1070 criminalizes Mexican is a complete falsehood. Being in this country illegally is already illegal. Just like I would be illegal if I were to show up in China without proper passport and visa. Be Honest--if you'd rather not have any borders or controls on who comes into our country, then just say so.