Dwight York

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The Joke Joint Comedy Club

801 Sibley Memorial Hwy.
Lilydale, MN 55118

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Region: West St. Paul

"When I write jokes, I sit down and just try to come up with a topic," explains comedian Dwight York. "Something that might come up in conversation with somebody, so it sounds less contrived when I'm telling the joke." When you see York perform, you're going to hear a lot of jokes. Set-up, punchline, next joke. His streamlined style came out of a desire to avoid long set-ups that he saw fellow comics using. "I get right to the punchline," he insists. The cumbersome wind-ups, while often rooted in truth, just seemed too clunky for him. "Nothing I do in my set-ups is real," he explains. "I had a job once selling security systems door-to-door," he tells an audience. "I was really good at it. If no one was home I'd leave a brochure on the kitchen table." When people try to catch him on those recollections, he just laughs. "You're right, I never did that. And guess what? Wrestling is fake and Larry the Cable Guy is from Nebraska." He wants people to understand he's doing a character onstage, and that it shouldn't interfere with their enjoyment of the jokes. "I went to see a psychic the other day," he says. "I could tell she was no good because she took a check." He may not have a million of 'em, but the veteran comic is getting awfully close.
May 18-19, 8 & 10:30 p.m., 2012
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