Messages From the Event Horizon

The work of local artist Alison Hiltner is never dull. Past exhibitions have included an organ-donor vending machine, phosphorescent flora, and business suits that claim to suck up sweat through giant medical tubes attached to the back. Her installations are heavily influenced by science, nature, and technology — think nerve endings, brain waves, and patterns occurring in nature — but exist in a world that is humorous, hopeful, and refreshingly upbeat about the future’s potential. In her latest exhibition, “Messages from the Event Horizon,” the Jerome Fellow will continue her work in this vein. Early images for the show suggest a return to nature themes, with glowing stalactite shapes taking over Gallery 122. There will be an artist’s reception from 7 to 10 p.m. Friday, May 4.
May 4-June 16, 2012

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