Nashville collective Lambchop, one of the more lovably eccentric acts in Americana, have made outstanding records over the course of two decades that range from upbeat and epic (2000's Nixon), to snail-paced and spare (2006's Damaged). The sole constant in all the sonic shifts is frontman Kurt Wagner, a gifted lyricist whose oblique character sketches, delivered in an understated hangdog croon, provide an arty anchor for his band's airier orchestral leanings. Lambchop's latest, the elegant Mr. M., dresses up Wagner's caustic musings in syrupy strings and dulcet piano melodies, with just enough detours into weird ambient waters for the band to retain their place as the warped easy-listening masters in the indie-rock clubhouse. With Grant Hart. 18+.
Thu., April 26, 7 p.m., 2012

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