Cedar cultural Center, Saturday 4.21

Songwriter and frequent Dessa collaborator Aby Wolf is now known as A. Wolf and Her Claws. Her group's self-titled debut, celebrated with a release show at the Cedar, shows a deft and unexpected range. "Rise Anew" has an orchestral quality about it, while the vocal harmonizing from Linnea Mohn in "Zero to 60" takes the song from dubstep dance to a hymn and back. "Disassemble" is an eerie lullaby, as Wolf writes from the perspective of a caterpillar trapped in a cocoon. And although the lyrics may be less confessional this time around, there's no confusing these tracks with your average empty-headed pop songs — Wolf thinks too deeply for that. With Brute Heart. $10-$12, 8 p.m. 629 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis; 612.338.2674. —Natalie Gallagher

White Denim / Hundred Visions

Turf Club, Saturday 4.21

Tanlines even get mixed emotions in front of the camera
courtesy of the artists
Tanlines even get mixed emotions in front of the camera

The writhing knot of delights White Denim pack into every tune can drive you crazy if you're foolish enough to try to unravel it. Expect that you'll be lunging at boogie, gawking at gnarly prog-rock tendrils whipping between guitarists Austin Jenkins and James Petralli, tripping over funk, weathering a punk blast from the garage, witnessing a country lope melt into psychedelic chamber pop, dodging a flute line escaped from Jethro Tull, feeling the blues flex its muscles, and catching an exhilarating whiff of jazz improv. There's all that on the Austin, Texas, quartet's latest, D, which is far below the letter grade it deserves. At a taut 37 minutes, D still covers an incredible amount of ground, mostly in a shape-shifting rush of rhythms, textures, melodies that WD unveil with an organic, questing joy most akin to the experimental ramble of the Grateful Dead at their most purposeful and resourceful. Best to sit back and let it all flow. Hundred Visions, another Austin quartet, will open with buzzing guitars, a hint of psychedelia, and a shimmery punk-funk edge. 21+, $10, 8 p.m., 1601 University Ave., St. Paul; 651.647.0486. —Rick Mason

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