Operation: Hey!

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Gallery 13

811 Lasalle Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Category: Art Galleries

Region: Minneapolis (Downtown)

Gallery 13's latest show, "Operation: Hey!," features new works from local artist Matt McGorry. The artist is a co-founder of Rogue Citizen, a group of talented guys who create paintings live at venues like First Avenue and Cause Spirits & Soundbar. His independent work features mixed-media pieces that layer newspaper, stencil, and paint in ways that are both ominous and lovely. McGorry claims propaganda posters and Japanese aesthetics as his inspiration, and his works fold concepts such as historic legacies, pop art, destruction, and beauty together. The artist's reception will feature live painting by Rogue Citizen and music by Das Fauna and Ostraka from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. Friday, April 13. (Rob McGorry, Enemy Planes)
April 13-28, 2012
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Stephen Sugarman
Stephen Sugarman

Matt Mcgorry has created an alluring exhibition of mixed media works which utilizes Asian Floral Motif, created with stencil and spray paint, as a 'visual attraction' which leads , anyone viewing this work , to the underlying collage that recounts the culture, historical players, and the horror brought to bear on the Japanese by nuclear bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Matt is a founding member of Rogue Citizen which is a collective of 4 members, Matt Mcgorry, Shawn Dalson, Eric Mattheis. Matt Wells all immensely talented artists individually but who also paint together on large single works, as a collective. It is important to note that Roguecitizen is socially and politically progressive group Of artists whose work,collectively and individually, tends to deal with social issues facing us all today,that do so with out ignoring histories that have brought to us to where we are.

Most importantly Roguecitizen brings there social activism to light by making action louder than words through painting,performance, and political action. Through events Rogue citizen is integrating their artistic practice into existing activist movements like Occupy, and the growing labor Union Movements helping to promote the rights of labor and collective bargaining. Trends aside, Urban arts, Graffiti, in all its forms,is a street level exercise of our constitutionally guaranteed freedom to create and express our ideas as we see fit. -Use it or Lose It - Stephen Sugarman :Gallery13