Tibet Kitchen's pan-Asian dishes hit the same note

Tibetan dishes shine over rest of the menu

Alma Guzman

Location Info


Tibet Kitchen

1833 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Category: Restaurant > Pan-Asian

Region: Minneapolis (Downtown)


Appetizers $3-$7; entrees $8-$13

Though Tibet Kitchen is a totally serviceable pan-Asian restaurant, if in need of a little sprucing up, it's "pan-Asian" not by offering traditional dishes that truly represent different regions of the continent, but rather by affixing the words Thai, Chinese, Indian, or Vietnamese to a rice, noodle, or curry dish that really could be called almost anything else and smell just as sweet, as it were. So while the dishes at Tibet Kitchen all managed to deliver notes of heat, garlic, and a little umami in their generously portioned dishes, they tended to hit the same note. Tibet Kitchen may not be a place you're going to put on a bucket list, but if you find yourself hungry (or in need of a cheap, stiff cocktail) somewhere between Eat Street and Loring Park, the wafting incense, free butter tea, and promise of shiny-skinned momo with spicy and cool slaw should draw you right to Tibet Kitchen. To each their own Romeo, right?

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