My Burger, Turkey To Go, and Which Wich reviewed

A taste test of three new fast-casual restaurants

Scorecard: 4 points. 2 points for the quality and flavor of the meat. 1 point for making well-honed homemade sauces. 1 point for offering something totally new in the skyway, which is no easy feat. 0 points for not having the giant turkey legs in the storefront locations. We'd love to see Target people hustling through the skyway gnawing on one of those bad boys.

Verdict: Though technically a fast-casual business model, Turkey to Go's skyway location doesn't offer much room or time to relax and enjoy. But hey, it says right in the name that the food is meant to eat on the go.

Which Wich

My Burger owner John Abdo and manager Patrick Cattor
Benjamin Carter Grimes
My Burger owner John Abdo and manager Patrick Cattor

Location Info


My Burger

3100 Excelsior Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55416

Category: Restaurant > Burgers

Region: Golden Valley

Turkey To Go

706 2nd Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Category: Restaurant > Deli

Region: Minneapolis (Downtown)

Which Wich

2073 Ford Pkwy
St Paul, MN 55116

Category: Restaurant > Deli

Region: Highland Park

Which Wich, a growing franchise with a new store in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul (and plans to build one in the skyway—notice a theme here?), is built around a somewhat complicated, but efficient, ordering system. Slender brown paper sandwich bags are prestamped and organized into categories, mostly by protein type (chicken, beef, pork, and ham), but also by sandwich "family" (breakfast, comforts, classics). Customers mark a bag with Sharpies to identify all the extras they want on their sandwich. With more than 50 sandwiches in three sizes, and endless spreads, sauces, dressings, and other accoutrement (all of which are free—get as many as you want with any sandwich), it's a bit daunting, but we found that the more you pile on, the better, because without them the sandwiches are pretty bland. The Thank You Turkey was the worst of the lot, with pieces of processed turkey, overly sweet cranberry sauce, and a bizarre bread stuffing that had none of the homey sage flavor that makes stuffing taste like Thanksgiving, and was so pasty it was practically a spread. We may have been slightly biased since we had tried Turkey to Go's version just one day earlier, but this was the only sandwich we ending up tossing. The others, especially the toasted ones, were more interesting. The Cuban had a solid amount of mustard and plenty of pickles but doesn't come close to anything you would get at say, Cheeky Monkey, let alone Victor's. The fully loaded "Wicked," with every imaginable type of meat and cheese, and the sufficiently spicy buffalo chicken were stronger examples, and Which Wich's technique of chopping up all the ingredients means you get a little of everything in each bite. The big shocker? The shakes are better here than at My Burger.

Scorecard: 3 points. 1 point for all the free add-ons, rather than the pay-per-topping system the competitors apply. 1 point for sandwich order accuracy. Clearly marking what you want means you don't have to answer a thousand questions at the register and you'll end up with the exact sandwich you created. 1 point for giant 22-ounce shakes. 0 points for bread. Bread really makes or breaks a sandwich, and Which Wich's was unremarkable.

Verdict: With a handful of other fast-casual options on this corner of Cleveland and Ford Parkway, and Cecil's deli just a few blocks away, competition may be too stiff for it to develop its own following.

In summation, Turkey to Go won because of overall quality and for bringing something new to the fast-casual scene, but all three put up a decent fight and a good, quick bite.

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