The Flying Foot Forum

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What a wild ride it's been. For 20 years, Joe Chvala and his percussive dance troupe, the Flying Foot Forum, have been venturing where lesser souls fear to tread. I'm thinking mainly of those early, evening-length forays into Nordic mythology with music by Hedningarna or Savage Aural Hotbed. The Southern Theater's rafters—and onlookers' bones—shook as driving rhythms, ferocious battle cries, and pulse-racing choreographing released everyone's inner warrior. The gang's 20th anniversary concerts this weekend look to be a decidedly less raucous affair, more along the lines of Chvala's introspective, folkish works. The band will be the New Standards, a Twin Cities favorite for jazz and pop, along with guest artists. Many of the original members will return, including Joe and Joanne Spencer, who met and married while part of the troupe. If nothing else, the concert will sparkle with personality and fancy footwork, which is reason enough to celebrate. (Photo by V. Paul Virtucio)
March 16-17, 8 p.m., 2012