Feds fold the cards on the online poker industry

Sites go dark while players lose their livelihood

It may come down to the states legalizing it within their borders (much like medical marijuana), and daring the feds to step in. Nevada has already begun issuing online gambling licenses. Washington, D.C., passed a plan for running its own online poker site. And in December, the Justice Department reversed its long-standing view that the 1961 Wire Act banned online gaming, a move many experts see as opening the door to state-regulated poker.

Jesse Lenz
After losing his source of income, Maxwell Fritz tried his hand at Wall Street
Will Rice
After losing his source of income, Maxwell Fritz tried his hand at Wall Street

Yet for the moment, the future remains cloudy. Maybe one day players will again be able to provide for their families. Until then, they're just out of luck. 

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Live casino
Live casino

Every poker users wants to achieve their dreams which they have expected from poker games and they can't control themselves and they are going in crime way.

Gail S.
Gail S.

Great information. Thank you for shedding light on this story! I'm glad you are providing information on the tragedy that was our Black Friday. It is well past time to license and regulate this industry in the US. Most of the world is able to play this game of skill and strategy online and Americans, of all people, should be free to play as well.

Sheryl J
Sheryl J

- Thanks for this informative article about online poker and what the government did to it. An entire industry was destroyed last year. This is the first article that really illustrates the situation. We need federal legislation that licenses and regulates online poker in the U.S. and brings back an industry. -