Tennis show maturity on Young & Old

Second serving a challenge for the band

"It'll be a nice thing to see what the common consensus is on what people think the album is about and what meanings they assign to it," says Riley. "'My Better Self' was kind of our homage to the idea of how you can't do anything without the meaning being assigned by another person or taken the wrong way. And the meaning comes and goes, which is something we've had to come to terms with. But I think we're enjoying it now. It's kind of more interesting to us when people can take our songs and add more meaning to them or take away meanings, or take them in a direction we never thought it would go. That makes it fun for us."

As with any artist or group that reaches a certain level of fame or notoriety, Tennis has had more than its fair share of good, bad, and misguided press. Whether show reviews focused on Alaina's appearance, a misidentification of Riley as having once been in the Ataris—along with a review centered on that "fact"—or any number of other humorous or unfortunate bits of information, the members of Tennis have learned to take a philosophical approach to their publicity. "Dealing with all the misinformation has become kind of comical at this point," Riley says, adding, "It's impossible for someone to get the whole picture without knowing us personally or without being there in the recording studio and seeing what's going on.

Tennis: Staring contest champs 
since 2010
Erin Algiere
Tennis: Staring contest champs since 2010

Location Info


Triple Rock Social Club

629 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Minneapolis (Downtown)


play with Sleep Study
on Thursday, February 23,
at Triple Rock Social Club; 612.333.7399

"In all honesty, if they did, it wouldn't be as good of a picture or as special, because the element of mystery isn't there."

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