The Twin Cities fetish scene unbridled

Mistress Bardot and friends take us on an erotic tour

"I wanna get some close-ups on your butt 'cause it looks soooo good like this!" Randy says.

Randy first saw Lady Lin's picture on FetLife about two and a half years ago. He was immediately astonished by her butt—so much so that he left a comment.

It turned out she had just moved to the Twin Cities from Virginia. Within six days of commenting on her rump, Randy was working with her. It was instant chemistry. As a bondage model, she knew exactly what he wanted in a scene and never failed to deliver.

Lady Lin's enthusiastically curvy body rolls around Randy's carpeted living room floor as she tries to free her hands and ankles, which he has tied behind her back with rope from the Home Depot.

Not even a ball gag can keep her mouth shut. Her demands are muffled in distress.

"Come back! Don't leave me here! Honey, please don't do this to me!"

Randy lets her struggle for five minutes as he sits back and films with his JVC Everio.

His fascination with seeing beautiful women struggle dates back to when the neighborhood kids would play hide and seek, boys against girls. When the boys cuaght their prey, they'd tie her up at headquarters until all were found.

Then came the Playboy magazines he found in his father's closet. And who could forget Wonder Woman on television during the '70s, with her shiny red latex boots and magic lasso?

From then on, he was hooked, and there was no turning back.

Before the internet—even before VCRs—people from all over Minnesota would descend on downtown Minneapolis to get their kinks satisfied in the back rooms of book stores.

"It was always an adventure to go down to the seedy part of town, sneak in, and sneak out with your little brown bag full of bondage magazines," Randy recalls wistfully.

The video scene with Lady Lin is over, so Randy switches back to taking photos. This time, his strobe reflects off Lady Lin's red-rimmed glasses, but Randy focuses his attention on getting the best angle of Lady Lin's 32Ds pouring over her teal corset.

Bondage Mischief, his damsel-in-distress website, is becoming a 24/7 job, with more than 125 subscribers and site updates almost every day of the week. Confined to a cubicle, Randy brainstorms new bondage scenes at his day job until the clock strikes 4:30 p.m., when he jets home to play.

Randy wraps Lady Lin into the cream-colored straitjacket. As he settles back into his plush armchair, the timer begins, and he quietly discovers an angle that accentuates her plump bottom as it squirms.

"Oh, and make sure you look at the clock and don't escape too quick," Randy tells her, before whispering an aside to the voyeur next to him: "I don't have to tell this to most girls, but Lin's good at escaping." 

Lady Lin

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Lady Lin gets a kick out of shocking people. Whether it's walking around in a collar and leash or randomly barking at people, she's always causing a scene.

She attributes this fearless attitude to growing up in San Francisco. She always knew she was different, but it wasn't until rooming with a couple of lesbians who introduced her to the fetish community that she realized she was kinky.

Wearing a white polka-dotted spaghetti-strap dress, she invites her playmates in for practice. She motions toward her living room, which is stocked with kinky toys used for fire play and Shibari—Japanese bondage.

Standing confident at 5'5", Lady Lin radiates a warm friendliness. She's turned on by teaching techniques to newbies, and excited by learning fresh ones herself. When she connects with friends in the kink community, she experiences love on a deep level.

"I am clear about my play partners' boundaries because we communicate and negotiate limits," she says. "It's so important for a top to read the bottom. I know how her body moves when she's excited, the kinds of smiles she will start using. I know the look in her eyes."

Lady Lin leans over bare legs comfortably draped across the coffee table as she reaches for the fire wand. Standing up, she readjusts the spaghetti strap that had fallen off her right shoulder. Her hand grazes over the secret code tattooed on her outer right bicep.

She smiles and reassures her guests they will not be judged.

"If you fuck up, we know you are trying, and we're here to catch you," Lady Lin says. "We are all here to learn." 


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"This is how to perfect your look," the ex-Mary Kay consultant explained to her husband, handing him a guide to makeup techniques.

Her willingness to learn was undeniably touching. There is nothing she wouldn't do for her husband.

To this day, when the makeup kit is brought out, Sybil emerges. And when Sybil is loose, watch out.

Most of her life, she's not Sybil, because Sybil lives as a man who enjoys cross-dressing, bondage, and BDSM.

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Jean isn't a fair representative of the Twin Cities Fetish Community. Its much more diverse and interesting than that. It's sad that the largest public venue for the fetish community, Ground Zero, isn't even mentioned in the article. This article wasn't about the Twin Cities fetish community at all but rather it was about Jean, a so-so photographer, and an inexperienced person who has done fetish modeling, and one of Jean's close cross-dressing friends.

Fetish Boy
Fetish Boy

Nice article, Rebecca, and although I'm not a pro photographer, I liked your photos a lot, too. Dback, I looked at some of your photos and they helped me get sleepy, thanks.


Wow! Definitely not what I thought it was going to be based on the title. I enjoyed reading it! There are so many questions I have about the "community" though, will there be more articles on it? Great article, thanks for introducing the subject in a wonderfully insightful manner!


realTC, if you think Ground Zero needs to be mentioned in an article about twin cities kink, you are much more clueless than those you are tearing down with your negativity... And if you don't see that this positive portrayal of kink in the twin cities is good for the community (regardless of who is profiled), then you are totally missing the best part of this article and should keep your narrow mind focused somewhere else. Go argue with somebody about politics.


If you're interested, just go to events. The fetish crowd are friendly types who are happy to see new faces.