Zamboni's Pizza catering to the Xcel crowd

A more straightforward approach to pizza

That was a smart move, because now Zamboni's is a well-kept secret for getting a quick pre-game beer. They keep in the spirit of local pride by offering everything from Hamm's and Grain Belt's Nordeast to newer brewers like Fulton and, of course, Summit. When asked where they are setting their sights next, Walker is thoughtful and humble in communicating their ambitions. "Right now, we just really like being a downtown business. We like to be part of the community that we serve. Our goal is for people in our neighborhood to rethink that call to Domino's or Papa John's, not just for the service but for the quality of product that they'll get. Maybe they'll end up spending an extra dollar or two to support local business, but they'll be getting so much more in the pizza."

Greg Awada shows off Zamboni's sausage, roasted vegetables, and thyme pizza
Alma Guzman
Greg Awada shows off Zamboni's sausage, roasted vegetables, and thyme pizza

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Zamboni's Pizza

184 7th St. W.
St Paul, MN 55102

Category: Restaurant > Pizza

Region: St. Paul (Downtown)


Zamboni's Pizza184 W. Seventh St., St. Paul651.225.2999; zambonipizza.comappetizers $3-$9; pizzas $12-$18

With plenty of options for gluten-free and vegetarian diners, and with quick, cheap eats for downtown pedestrians, Zamboni's seems to have a good thing going. So far, they haven't had to do much hustling. "It helps that we still have the same phone number from when it was 7th Street Pizzeria," Walker laughs. "Hungry people calling us up? That was just about the easiest marketing anyone could ask for."

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