The Social House takes over Zeno in Uptown

Stylish setting with intermittently tasty food

The Niji Roll: Sushi for people who don’t like sushi?
Emily Utne
The Niji Roll: Sushi for people who don’t like sushi?

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Social House

2919 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Category: Restaurant > Asian Fusion

Region: Uptown/ Eat Street


The Social House
2919 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis
appetizers $6-$11; entrées $8-$16

So who is the Social House meant for? Serious sushi fanatics have so many stellar options in the Twin Cities, one of which, Fuji-Ya, is just blocks away. For those who want a mix of flavors and influences, Chino Latino, the quintessential East-meets-West eatery, is visible from most tables at the Social House. With its mix of pinkish boudoir lighting, attractive staff, foreign-but-mostly-familiar fare, and gigantic full bar, the Social House offers the seduction of a velvet-rope nightclub, so perhaps it's the place to go if you're trying to woo a reluctant sushi virgin who is more interested in you than in food.

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Isn't this just another Fun Group place... if so who cares what it changes too... They'll change the name again after it fails, a lawsuit, or some other scandalous behavior.

Britni Mollner
Britni Mollner

I found this review extremely disappointing. It seems as though the whole concept of Social House was misrepresented as a sushi restaurant gone wrong. It appears that Ms. Weiss was expecting more "traditional" sushi on the menu and received something quite different. My response is the obvious- DUH. I would expect a roll to not be the same thing I have had a million other times elsewhere. Interestingly enough, I don’t believe I have ever had a roll at Social House that had cream cheese in it…and I have had almost every single roll on the menu. I have also never had a roll that tasted “deep fried” so I found it interesting that she seemed to have a difficult time ordering one that didn’t have the words “deep-fried” on the menu. I go to Social House because the rolls are the best play on flavors you can find. If someone is expecting “traditional” rolls, and let me say that there is arguably no such thing as a traditional roll, then they didn’t do their homework before walking in the door. Why someone would order a roll and think that is a good determination for the quality of the sushi alone is beyond me. Please for the love of God order the sashimi or nigiri. Don’t waste my time commenting on the rolls. Bottom line, the rolls are pretty spectacular and trying to find fault in the food because you were expecting the same old boring shit you can get anywhere else, well, that just furthers my point that this review was disappointing.

Shawn Haley
Shawn Haley

I cannot agree. I really would not go to any other sushi restaurant in the twin cities, I feel like family here, and am always treated like a king here.