Rye Delicatessen & Bar overcomes early missteps

We've got no beef with this deli

At breakfast, the smoked-meat Benedict was heavier than it was hearty and sloppily presented. The peppery, pastrami-like smoked meat was cut very thick and toasted till crisp, but it was unfortunately dry and slathered in an acid-leaning hollandaise that showed telltale signs of improper emulsification. My eggs were poached a little harder than I usually like, but the toasted bialy (like a bagel's unboiled, left-whole cousin) was a nice changeup from an English muffin. The caramel babkele looked like it would be more decadent than it was. Our server told us it was "like a little pastry that got drowned in caramel sauce." There was, indeed, a lot of sauce, but it was a bit grainy and didn't improve the dry interior.

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Rye Delicatessen & Bar

1930 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Category: Restaurant > Deli

Region: Minneapolis (Downtown)


Rye Delicatessen and Bar
1930 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis
612.871.1200; ryedeli.com
appetizers $3 - $7; entrées $9 - $15

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With more apparent good than bad, one wonders whether Rye's earlier issues stemmed from trumpeting onto the scene with such a strong concept that it encouraged skeptics to accept nothing less than the delis of their youth. Nostalgia can be a powerful adversary to a new restaurant, and not to get too Carrie Bradshaw about it, but if naysayers would stop trying to make Rye something it's not, they might be happy with what it is: a neighborhood deli that isn't trying to completely reinvent the wheel but is succeeding in reviving a beloved space and bringing something new to Lowry Hill. Whatever the case, you can't argue with that house-made spicy mustard, and if you drink in the relaxed atmosphere and a few rye-heavy whiskey Manhattans, you might have a hard time arguing about anything at all.

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Worst poutine I've had in Minnesota --and I thought they couldn't get worse. I guess advertising dollars are getting the City Pages to try and be contrarian.


again... who the FUCK goes to a jewish deli to get Poutine?


I've eaten here twice in the past week. Once for dinner and yesterday for breakfast. It seems really odd to have a "hand sliced" corn beef - when you expect it to be shaved and reminiscent of NY delis. Also the bread was pretty dry and bland. I would go back for breakfast - the coffee was good and loved the serve yourself. French toast was good as well.


This article is mind boggling. The writer actually shreds Rye without even knowing it! Sure, some of the products are praised, but here is some of the feedback from the review:

"fairly juicy corned beef". Since when is "fairly" acceptable??"faintest layer of russian dressing" (that is NEVER a good thing for a reuben, FYI, despite her effort to explain otherwise)"valiant effort" on the pot pie"unfortunately dry" smoked meateggs "poached a little harder than i usually like"sauce on the babkele was "grainy"The turkey sandwich, soup and matzoh ball were also negatively reviewed.

What gives, author? You gave negative feedback on the majority of the items, yet you try to save this place? Why? And you fault the people that negatively reviewed it in the past? Our experience a few months ago was horrendous. We were not alone. Inattentive customer service + average food is going to be the demise of this place. Period.


This good review is the exception. Everyone wants this place to succeed, but the MGMT/ownership is not responsive. Their food ha$ NYC prices in MN & isn't great. Design & interior is nice, but if you hype yourself as a jewish deli & your bagels are so bad I'd rather eat Panera's...FAIL. Too bad because I live across the street & wanted this to be a place I could frequent. $12 for only a small sandwich no sides isn't doable. We're in a recession, FYI.


The smoked meat was good (though not as good as in Montreal-- how COULD it be?) but the prices are extremely high. As the above reviewer said, $12 for a sandwich with no chips or fries seems pretty excessive to me. I really want this place to succeed-- our neighborhood needs more dining options-- but I just don't know about Rye...

Hungry Herb Dickerson
Hungry Herb Dickerson

I read the MSP Monthly review today and was tempted. But I'm gonna drop this place down the list again.


the problem is that NO ONE was there to apologize for being out of corned beef - for having to stand in line for a soda refill or for the sad excuse of a pickle....a "sorry but here is a coupon please come back" is all it would have taken to get us back. some restaurants deserve a second chance this one, which is run terribly, does not!