Chris LaRiche seduces immigrants with lies

He offered empty promises but had secrets of his own

"This one hits you in the face," Freeman says. "He uses a false name, testifies to false relationships—boom, boom, bingo!"

Freeman's office recently filed a request with ICE to transfer Martinez-Alanis back into Hennepin County custody. They plan to take him to trial and are working to add felony theft-by-swindle charges.

When Martinez-Alanis's criminal case is over, he will be deported.

Hennepin County Sherriff
Silvia Sibri (below) blew the whistle on Chris LaRiche (top)
B FRESH Photography and Media
Silvia Sibri (below) blew the whistle on Chris LaRiche (top)

"One of the things he was doing is suggesting he'd find jobs for people for a fee and pocket the money," Freeman says. "We haven't seen that kind of chutzpah in a long time."

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