Mike E. Winfield

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Acme Comedy Co.

708 N. 1st St.
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Minneapolis (Downtown)

"Comedy writes itself," insists Mike E. Winfield. "People wonder how we comics are able to do what we do. I think the hardest part is just getting onstage. But aside from that, there's nothing we have to do but see and hear stuff." He immediately recalls an example. "I was on the way to a show. I looked out my window, and there was a minivan with a clown driving it. There it is. I even put the pictures on my website because people think I make stuff up." It's been a good year for Winfield, who has a reoccurring role on The Office, logged an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman (with another scheduled soon), and has been headlining clubs coast-to-coast. Ten years into standup, it's just now that he feels he's truly excelling as an artist. Toward that end, he feels it is the time to shoot a DVD. "That's why I waited so long to record stuff, instead of doing it like so many comedians who do it too soon," he explains, "Ten years from now though, I'll probably be like, 'Man, at 10 years in comedy I sucked!" 18+.
Jan. 10-14, 8 p.m.; Jan. 13-14, 10:30 p.m., 2012
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