Little Szechuan brings fiery Chinese to St. Louis Park

New location ups the ante when it comes to decor

For those who like their eating with a little less adventure, the St. Louis Park location offers a one-page menu of "Traditionals," including appetizers and entrées more familiar to the American palate. Unfortunately most of these missed the mark. The giant, McNugget-sized pieces of thickly breaded chicken in the Sesame Chicken were flavorless inside and out and covered in an overly sweet and overly dyed, unidentifiable red sauce. The only presence of any sesame flavor came from the handful of seeds pitifully scattered on top. Run-of-the-mill potstickers had heavy wrappers and under-seasoned filling, but they made a nice vehicle for the spicy dipping sauce. The egg rolls were serviceable, with a very fresh-tasting, peppery cabbage filling. Cream cheese wontons were playfully presented standing upright, like little pope's hats. The popular chicken lettuce wraps were confusingly placed on the Szechuan side of the menu, but with a heavy Vietnamese influence they weren't totally at home there either. Far, far more confusing was the inclusion of tiramisu with Kahlua, carrot cake, and something called Strawberry La Bomba on the dessert menu. Our server pointed out the one Chinese dessert on the list, a Corn Pizza with Diced Pear. It came out smelling almost exactly like a funnel cake ... with corn. As our server set the plate down she said, "I watched the chef make it." We were possibly the only people who had ever ordered this dish from her. "He takes all the corn and plops it in the deep fryer. Then he puts sugar on top. And sprinkles." And that's exactly how it tastes.

Alma Guzman

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Little Szechuan

5377 W. 16th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55416

Category: Restaurant > Chinese

Region: St. Louis Park


Little Szechuan
5377 W. 16th St., St. Louis Park
appetizers $7-$10; entrées $12-$19

"That's the only one we have now," she told us in reference to the unique dessert, "but there are going to be a lot more of the Chinese desserts and other things soon." For the sake of St. Louis Park residents who are looking for something out of the ordinary without having to drive off the beaten path, we certainly hope so.

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