Pig & Fiddle comes to 50th and France

Offering plenty of old-country fare

I did finally get my beer-braised chicken sandwich, and it, along with the impossibly crispy nubbins of Belgian-style frites, was well worth the wait. The sourdough was slightly grilled on the outside and sopped in the jus of the pulled chicken on the inside, making for a kicked-up blue-plate-special effect.

E. Katie Holm for City Pages
E. Katie Holm

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Pig & Fiddle

3808 W. 50th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55410

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Edina


Pig & Fiddle
3808 W. 50th St., Minneapolis
952.955.8583; no website yet
appetizers $5-$12; entrées $14-$22

The short dessert menu has some intriguing choices. Swedish cheesecake is drizzled with honey-softened almonds, and the filling is whipped and fantastically light, but the crust was abysmal. It had neither the buttery crumbliness of a graham cracker crust nor the savory flakiness of a regular pie crust, but was more akin to chilled sugar cookie dough that only made it to the half-baked state. In the appelgebak, or Dutch apple pie, the typical lattice pastry crust is replaced by a lemon-scented, cake-like base. Get it a la mode with Grand Old Creamery's Sweet Cream ice cream. The chocolate stout pudding with brown sugar creme anglaise was pointed out as a favorite by every staff member who talked dessert with us. The bitter stout flavors cut the richness of the pudding and made it endlessly, dangerously eatable. It's served in a short, narrow glass with the creme anglaise floating on top, giving the impression of a perfectly poured pint of Guinness that's been cartoonishly shrunk down with a ray gun. So go. Eat. Drink. Bring the kids. Bring the grandparents. Just make sure you plan your visit for after 4.

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